Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

(1) Is onlineERPpro an online software?
= Yes, onlineERPpro is completely an online software of Global Standard.
(2) Can onlineERPpro run on mobile?
= Yes, onlineERPpro runs smoothly on any mobile device. It is platform independant. It runs equally efficiently on Android Mobile, iOS (Apple) Mobile, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry. You do not need to purchase separate mobile apps.
(3) Can it be purchased for offliine use?
= Yes, onlineERPpro can be installed in any stand-alone machine for offline. Again here, it is platform-independant. You can install it in any OS like Windows, Linux, MAC etc.
(4) How many taimes will it take to install the software - onlineERPpro?
= It is usually installed within half an hour. But it may depend on the system you are using.
(5) How to handle when we have purchased online version of onlineERPpro and the internet connection has got lost?
=You can use combo version of onlineERPpro.